We are invested in the success of our client’s business journey, every step of the way. We know each of our clients’ definition of ‘success’ is different. What does success look like to you? Our personalised advisory services provide the support to achieve your version of success.

Our Advisory Services

Business Planning

Success is personal; we want to help you achieve your success.

A Business Planning session is centred around determining what your definition of success is and it will support you in clarifying your future direction.

You will set solid and realistic business goals and define strategies for achievement.

At the end of the session, you will have a one-page Business Plan which will be a road map to ensure you are on the course for your success.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow planning is best practice in any business and is critical to survival and growth.  Setting cash flow targets and regularly monitoring your actual cash flow against your forecast will enable you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business.

Inadequate cash flow is a symptom of issues in the business, NOT the cause.  Helping our clients look ahead with confidence and putting in place cash flow maximisation strategies is core to our purpose.

Financial Forecasting

An integrated forecast includes a profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and serves to connect the business plan to the expected outcomes of the business.

By moving past the profit and loss and focusing on anticipated cash flows and the balance sheet, we are able to identify whether the business plans are realistic, if you have the cash flow to support the business requirements in the short and medium-term and to determine if any additional banking facilities need to be part of the plan.

A financial forecast provides visibility of what your hard work and plans can achieve.


We appreciate that owning your own business is hard work and can be a lonely place. The purpose of Monthly or Quarterly Coaching is to provide you with support and accountability with planning and decision making to ensure progress.  We’ll help you overcome roadblocks and challenges in your business, working together to utilise our combined expertise.

You will develop a realistic Action Plan with timelines to keep you on track to achieve your annual Business Plan.

Succession Planning

A carefully considered exit strategy reflects the hard work and capital you’ve invested in your business.  We want to work with you to develop your Succession Plan to ensure that the expectations of all parties are addressed and achieved.

All business owners should have a Succession Plan in place.  Whether you plan on exiting in three years or thirty years, it’s important now.  It’s not just about extracting maximum value from your business to provide for your future.  Should an unforeseen event occur, lack of planning will cause unnecessary stress and potentially compromise your sale price, client relationships, and the overall reputation of your business.


Effective governance is the cornerstone of business success and longevity.  Good governance is about structuring, operating, and controlling a company with a view to achieving long-term strategic goals for shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers.

In short, good governance exists to add value to a business, big or small.

Organisational Review

In order for a business to run effectively and efficiently, there needs to be clarity on roles and responsibilities.  Not only for the current structure but also for one that is scalable for future growth.

This is presented visually in an Organisational Chart which will provide the key functions within your business and who has responsibility for them.  An updated Organisation Chart will allow your business to be more sustainable, scalable, and ultimately, saleable.

Core Values Session

Core Values are the essence of a company’s identity; they support the vision and shape the culture of an organisation.  Core Values cannot be plagiarised and made to fit an organisation.  They need to be developed from within to be authentic to your company and your team.

Experience has shown that the most effective way to develop Core Values is by having a neutral facilitator lead the process.  We’ve developed an effective method that allows you to create Core Values for your business – providing a great foundation and guide for the way your team interacts with clients and each other.

Buying or Selling a Business

If you are looking to acquire a business we can work with you in completing due diligence on the acquisition, ensure the acquisition is appropriately structured, and assist with options for financing.

If you are looking to sell we can support you with maximising the sale value.

What is your business worth? What are the things you need to be aware of?

Chat to us before buying or selling, we’ll make sure it’s not a lemon…

Financial Forecasting

Integrated Forecast which includes profit & loss, balance sheet & cashflow