Team Member Claire Bryant
Author: Claire Bryant

Professional Resilience

May 5

Watch our recorded webinar to firstly help you to understand resilience as an individual in your business. Secondly, we share with you what the most effective business owners & managers are doing to maintain themselves and their teams during this extraordinary time. And thirdly, we provide practical recommendations that you can take away and work on.

Our presenter Dr Sven Hansen from The Resilience Institute covers the below:

  1. Resilience in acute adversity – bounce, grow, connect, and flow
  2. How resilience fails and how to bounce fast and with skill and confidence
  3. Mastering the calm and focused state under pressure – tactical calm
  4. Foundations of a daily practice to support your resilience – sleep, fitness, rhythm
  5. Mastering emotion in conflict and challenge – impulse control and positivity
  6. Attention, focus and the quiet mind – presence and flow
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